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A Few Cities Where It Is Expensive to Own a Vehicle

Owning a car is a luxury. Don’t get me wrong. It is a wonderful experience to have a car but it is something that comes with a wide variety of responsibilities. There are a variety of costs that one must account for in their car ownership life in the United Kingdom. The most expensive cities to own a car make it tough.

Of course, how expensive it is will differ by the city that you find yourself in. It is essential to learn more about this information to keep your costs of living on par with where you are trying to be in life. This way, you can budget and be prepared for the best outcomes and not so great situations that life may throw your way.

Let’s talk about some of the more expensive cities and how you should think about costs when owning a vehicle.


The first expensive city in regards to owning a car is birmingham. Are you surprised? You were not the only one to be caught off guard by this piece of compelling piece of information.

But why is it so? The reason is because residents within the city usually find themselves paying more than £1,000 in insurance costs. When we think about owning a car, we might think about the cost of gas, the monthly car note, and the regular maintenance, but we might forget all about the cost of car insurance. The last factor is something that can weigh heavily on us depending on our history and area where we reside. There’s even other factors that we might not pay attention to, these are aspects like a residents permit.

Those who find themselves in Birmingham can easily find their amazing cars to cost them a few pretty pennies.

Who’s next in line?


Remember that Manchester is not only famous for its football team but also for its expenses as well. Residents in the beautiful Manchester region can find themselves with onerous costs relating to their ownership of vehicles. It is a wonderful northern city that comes with a high density population. This means that the city and sole independent parking lot owners will charge quite a bit for the privilege of parking your vehicle. That is not all. The city is also known to have higher insurance costs, quite likely due to the density of the population. It is a phenomenal city to live in but make sure to watch out for the vehicle costs!

Remember to pay attention to all of the factors that are relevant to you when you are deciding to own a vehicle and always drive safe.

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Noah Cooper

I'm the head of the Cooper heard. My wife and I moved abroad when our first son who came along in May, 2011. I am a typical Brit abroad with a family to raise and am sharing the journey of the expat life abroad.

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Written by Noah Cooper