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5 Health Benefits About CBD for Dogs

Do you know about the trendiest new demographic for cannabidiol (CBD) products?

It is not movie stars.

It is not rock stars either.

It is definitely not socialites.

It is your dog.

That is right. The hottest new consumers to enter this growing market are none other than fluffy canines.

Cannabidiol for Dogs, Really?

two brown and white dogs running dirt road during daytime

As you may know, cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive substance. This means that unlike its parent plant of marijuana, it is free of any properties that induce a “high” in its consumer.

But it still carries a large number of benefits from cannabis. That is what makes cannabidiol so compelling by those who use it and appreciate its advantages.

When it comes to dogs, those benefits stay. And they work.

Here are 5 benefits of CBD for dogs, so you could understand how your special friend could be helped through them.

1. Anxiety Relief

If your dog has been diagnosed with anxiety, or if it just flares up during fireworks or thunderstorms, then CBD could provide them with some much needed relief. Since CBD connects with receptors in the brain and induces calmness, it would be able to help your dog calm their nerves.

This way, your dog doesn’t have to sit through fear of anything. They could be relaxed in the four walls of your home or even when they go outside. Just like they deserve to be.

2. Pain Relief

Pain relief is one of the most sought after advantages of CBD. For dogs, CBD seems to be just as effective as helping with pain as it is for their humans. You could either use CBD treats or use a small amount of CBD oil for this. Since this is a more sensitive matter, discussing it with your vet would also help. This way, you would know exactly how much CBD you should give to your dog.

3. Helping with Seizures

When you speak of CBD for dogs, the compound’s ability to help with seizures has to be discussed accordingly. Since CBD is known for helping with such issues, it has wondrous effects on dogs as well. Ideally, you should give a small yet consistent amount of CBD to your dog so they could steer clear of having a seizure in the first place.

4. Minimizing Cancer Risk

One of the most frightful outcomes of loving a dog could be them getting diagnosed with cancer. In order to prevent such a fate, introduce a healthy dose of CBD in your dog’s diet. This would help minimize the risk of developing any tumors. And it would ensure that your dog lives a happy and healthy life.


5. Inflammation Relief

Inflammation in injuries, whether old or new, is common for dogs. With CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, you could help your dog get much needed relief from any injury-induced inflammation that they have. This would ensure that they are calm through such a condition and not going through any undeserved distress.

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Written by Noah Cooper