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How to Make A Home Grandchild Friendly

As a grandparent, the safety and well-being of your grandchild are of paramount importance. Before your grandchild comes over, you have to make sure that your home is secure and safe for them.

The following are tips for making your home grandchild friendly.

Safety First

You can easily forget what may be potential hazards in your home as you’re used to them. Medicine cabinets, ponds, and kitchen equipment are some of the areas that may pose a danger to the little one. Spare time to walk around the house, then note down things that you should be aware of. For instance:

  • Check that external doors, and big windows are locked
  • If you have a pond, place netting over it
  • Ensure all cabinets with potentially harmful or dangerous items are secured
  • Move unsecured or breakable objects to a safe spot
  • If there are special chairs or walking aids in your home, which can be unstable and pose a risk, consider moving them to a room or closet where your grandchild can’t access them
  • Position bumpers and soft covers around solid or sharp furniture
  • Pet food should be kept out of reach
  • Place outlet covers that don’t present a choking hazard over your sockets to prevent the little one from the risk of getting an electric shock. You can also use other things, including furniture, to restrict access to any electrical outlet.
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Play Space

Your grandchild needs a play area, so if you can, spare a room or even a corner where the little one can set up toys and have space to play. Ensure there are no antiques, ornaments, or other valuables that can be damaged.


  • Buy toys that have different colors, sounds, and sights. Don’t get toys that have small or detachable parts as the baby can swallow them. Remember, even if your grandchild has many toys to play with, spending time with the little one is more important.
  • Getting a toy box is a good idea. You don’t have to buy one; you can use a carton box. This way, the toys can be safely put in one place keeping your home organized. The box will also help to avoid accidents such as tripping over the toys.
  • Find books, toys, and videos that are age-appropriate. The materials should also challenge the baby’s developmental level positively.

Baby Equipment

Don’t leave your grandchild unattended in a high chair or even in an infant seat placed in high places like the countertop or table.


  • Place a nonslip mat in the bathroom to prevent dangerous falls
  • Never leave your grandchild alone in a sink or tub full of water


  • Put blenders, knives, and other kitchen equipment out of easy reach
  • Move unsafe chemicals and cleaners to a safe place.
  • Remove all dangling cords, for instance, those from your toaster or coffeepot
  • Be extra cautious about giving the little one food heated in the microwave. That’s because, solids and liquids heat unevenly; therefore, they may be warm on the outside but are extremely hot inside.
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Written by Noah Cooper